Ruthie Hardee Founder Ashiatsu Deepfeet bar Therapy

Ruthie Hardee, Founder

Ruthie Piper Hardee is the founder of Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy® and created the first nationally approved course-study for a western barefoot effleurage technique using bars on the ceiling. After graduating from massage school in 1990 and beginning her practice, Ruthie felt the repetitive compressive techniques from providing deep tissue bodywork start to take a toll on her hands, wrists and low back. At that time western barefoot massage practitioners and educators were nonexistent. Ruthie than began to imagine and explore the combination of deep tissue and effleurage techniques employing the feet instead of the hands and created what we know today as Ashiatsu Bar Therapy. Although Ruthie has retired from running DeepFeet Bar Therapy you can still find her doing what she loves to do most, instructing Ashiatsu out of her home training studio in Denver, CO. Her teaching methodologies and inspiration to help save therapist’s careers worldwide are achieved by her dedicated instructor team who are honored to spread the barefoot love and legacy that Ruthie created and is so passionate about.

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