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Ashiatsu Brackets
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Discover the Deepfeet Difference

Thank you for visiting DeepFeet Bar Therapy! Your home for everything Ashiatsu related. As pioneers in the field of Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage we take pride in our craft and are dedicated to providing you with innovative cutting edge Barefoot Massage Techniques.

DeepFeet Bar Therapy is the Authentic Source for Ashiatsu Workshops. Founded by Ruthie Hardee in 1995, our Ashiatsu training can be accessed through live Ashiatsu workshops and now through our online Ashiatsu eLearning programs. With DeepFeet, you’ll receive a comprehensive, evolving education, with flexibility built into our program, so you can learn in the best way suited for you.

Our Ashiatsu certified and highly experienced DeepFeet instructors are passionate about teaching. Our instructors aim to facilitate a non-threatening, positive learning environment for Ashiatsu training. We carry the legacy and history of the DeepFeet Brand throughout our workshops and Ashiatsu eLearning program; this is our passion. Our number one goal is to empower our graduates to become safe, confident, productive, and successful Ashiatsu practitioners. We provide the foundation, you provide the ongoing practice and benefits to your clients.

DeepFeet Bar Therapy students are challenged to reach their highest potential and through our techniques can extend their careers, saving themselves from repetitive stress injuries. Our Ashiatsu training grows alongside you as a practitioner. Our courses are regularly reviewed and updated to incorporate the latest in safe and positive practices. All our courses are CEU certified through the NCBTMB; where ever you practice, you can utilize your training through us to take your career to the next level.

DeepFeet Bar Therapy has put forth the highest standards in education for safe and professional Ashiatsu practices. Paired with continual support after you graduate, our instructors and the DeepFeet family of practitioners provide a positive setting for therapists to flourish and become dynamic Ashiatsu barefoot massage therapists. When you become a DeepFeet Certified Ashiatsu practitioner you’ll be a part of the largest network of Ashiatsu graduates worldwide, with over 6,000 graduates and growing!

Read here how our Instructor Sara Albee expanded her solo business to over 20 Therapists!