Nancy Delong Deepfeet Bar Therapy

Nancy Delong, CEO & Trainer

Nancy DeLong has been practicing Ashiatsu since 2008. She worked her way from top instructor to CEO of DeepFeet Bar Therapy, after founder Ruthie Hardee retired in 2017. Along with her team of dedicated instructors, Nancy continues to spread Ruthie's legacy of helping therapists extend their careers by teaching them to "work smart, not hard". For Nancy, learning Ashiatsu was a career-changing experience. After performing years of traditional deep tissue hand techniques she began to develop repetitive stress injuries in her wrists, hands, and back. Shortly after employing her Ashiatsu training in her daily practice, Nancy was able to provide DEEP-effective bodywork without any pain or discomfort. After taking all the advanced DeepFeet levels she became a master-level ashiatsu practitioner which then inspired her to pursue a career in teaching with the company. She trained in 2010 with the founder Ruthie Hardee and taught for over a decade in the PNW region training hundreds of therapists how to massage with their feet while she owned and operated the largest Ashiatsu massage studio on the west coast. Since then Nancy has sold her former massage studio and now lives a quieter life in the Dominican Republic where she offers Retreat Advanced Ashiatsu courses in addition to annual teacher trainings. She has taught the DeepFeet Bar Therapy method to over 1000 students and looks forward to teaching many more!

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