Nancy Delong Ashiatsu Instructor Portland Oregon

Nancy Delong, CEO & Trainer

I have been teaching Ashiatsu for DeepFeet Bar Therapy since 2010. I was fortunate to go through my instructor training with the founder Ruthie Hardee and continue to spread her legacy of helping therapists extend their careers by teaching them work "smart not hard". After seven years of running a full time practice focusing mostly on deep tissue massage, I was exhausted, burnt out and in physical pain from repetitive stress injuries. For me, learning Ashiatsu was a career changing experience. After only a couple of months of Ashiatsu practice, I felt realigned in my spine and the pain in my back, shoulder and wrist were alleviated. Since my certification, Ashiatsu has become so popular that I find myself unable to fulfill existing demand. I invite you to step up in your career and step into ashiatsu and join our innovative network of growing therapists! You deserve to know this technique; it will totally change your practice and your body. If I can help save or enhance just one therapist's career then I have succeeded as an instructor. Come be inspired in the funky, green, eclectic town of Portland, Oregon my home town, to learn this beautiful art form of barefoot massage. You may also find me teaching in various locations throughout the country, as I open new DeepFeet training locations.

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