China Facchini Instructor Deepfeet Bar Therapy

China Facchini, Instructor

Come to Myrtle Beach where you can enjoy a small class setting. We keep these classes small, ranging from 1 to 4 Students Max! I graduated from The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 2002 and was immediately known for my deep tissue work. I knew early on that I would burn out quickly if I didn't continue my education and seek more productive and pain-free methods to provide therapeutic techniques. So in 2003, DeepFeet Bar Therapy came to town my town and without any hesitation, I signed up! Shortly after, my class, I started working for the New England DeepFeet instructor and attended classes as often as possible especially if the class needed an extra “student” to even out the group. I became addicted to Ashiatsu and the benefits it was providing to my clients and myself. After having 3 children, and practicing Ashiatsu throughout each pregnancy I was lucky to keep building my practice and now am finding a need for more Ashiatsu therapists in my area. Becoming a Deepfeet Instructor was a natural progression and has allowed me to grow in my skillset and also spread my knowledge for barefoot massage with other therapists seeking new tools and methods for deep bodywork techniques. I look forward to taking you through your first Ashiatsu steps and introducing you to the amazing world of barefoot massage! China Facchini

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