DeepFeet Bar Therapy is a pioneer in offering Ashiatsu continuing education courses. We currently celebrate 25+ years in the field of teaching Ashiatsu Barefoot Techniques. We have over eighteen nationwide authorized training studios for students to choose. If traveling to one of these locations is an inconvenience, we are happy to come to your location for a private training (for six or more students). Please email us at for a custom onsite training quote. In addition to live classes, DeepFeet now offers E-learning online course study. Ideal for the student who either prefers or needs to learn from home at their own pace, this comprehensive online course will deliver all of the necessary tools to become competent in barefoot massage.

Our certified barefoot massage instructors have years of clinical experience in Ashiatsu and undergo an extensive teacher training program. We are both passionate about and dedicated to teaching barefoot massage with an emphasis on quality and detail. DeepFeet class sizes are limited to 8 students, allowing for plenty of one on one student / instructor time. We look forward to helping you extend and enhance your massage career by learning all of the dynamic techniques of the barefoot method.

Your Barefoot Journey Begins Here...

DeepFeet 1 Basics

3 Days, 25 CEUs

$675 Early Registration
$725 Regular Tuition
Pre-Req: LMT
NCBTMB # 223551-00

DeepFeet 1 Basics is our signature introduction to Ashiatsu barefoot massage course that includes both posterior and anterior protocols. Upon completion, the body-worker will have enough working knowledge to deliver a 90-minute detailed supine and prone Ashiatsu session.

Students will have lots of “feet on” time in this class and should expect a moderate level of difficulty during the first training session in barefoot massage, but with some adjustments and practice time, most discover that their feet are intuitive enough to deliver strokes with confidence. For more information about student physical expectations please see our FAQ section. The DeepFeet teaching protocols are designed to work with each individual practitioner’s skill level, physical characteristics and learning style.




Bars Free Seated Ashiatsu

1 Day, 8 CEU’s

$225 Tuition
Pre-Req: LMT
NCBTMB # 223551-00

This one-day introduction class to (seated) barefoot massage is taught in our DeepFeet 1 Basics Course. Taking the Bars Free Course will allow you to acquire some of the basics and get a feel for Ashiatsu without having to install the overhead parallel bars.

This class is ideal for any therapist seeking a new skill to add to their deep tissue repertoire. Students will learn a full 60-minute barefoot protocol that combines seated prone, supine as well as side-lying barefoot techniques.

Upon completion of this course, students will also receive a $200 voucher for The DeepFeet 1 Basics Course should they decide to take it anytime after.



DeepFeet Sarga Silks

2 Days, 16 CEUs

$495 Tuition
Pre-Req: LMT
NCBTMB # 223551-00

Deepfeet Sarga Silks is a 2-day course that teaches students how to properly install and utilize the Sarga floor system. Techniques taught are western focused and combine a variety of DeepFeet ashiatsu strokes to deliver an effective and therapeutic barefoot massage floor treatment.

The course includes both posterior and anterior protocols so that upon completion the body-worker will be able to deliver a 60-90 minute detailed supine and prone Sarga Silks session.

DeepFeet Sarga Silks is ideal for mobile therapists, therapists that cannot install overhead bars or anyone seeking NEW barefoot methods to enhance your practice.

Available this summer at ALL DeepFeet Training locations!


Your Barefoot Journey Continues...

DeepFeet 2

2 Days, 16 CEUs

$500 Tuition
Pre-Req: DeepFeet 1
NCBTMB # 223551-00

The DeepFeet 2 Advanced course level is best suited for the DeepFeet 1 Basics graduate who has had enough time to acquire some clinical experience and is ready to add to their barefoot tool kit. Students will need adequate upper arm and core strength in addition to balance and coordination to deliver comfortable two-footed barefoot strokes to their training partners.

Theory and lecture will focus on specific back conditions while identifying and qualifying clients for this treatment. At the end of this 2-day course, students will have learned advanced strokes utilizing both feet simultaneously. These techniques are greatly beneficial for those who have a long list of athletic clients who never seem to get enough pressure from one-footed strokes alone.



DeepFeet 3

1.5 Days 12 CEUs

$275 Tuition
Pre-Req: DeepFeet 1
NCBTMB # 223551-00

The DeepFeet 3 Advanced Deepfeet Bar TherapyTM curriculum utilizes a variety of barefoot techniques to improve the client’s postural alignment, range of motion, muscle responsiveness and overall health and well-being. As a practice, it is compromised of a set of unique and proprietary foundational and structural techniques, utilizing what we call the “3 Connects”. The first connect is compression, the second connect is engage and the third connect is activate.

Upon completion and after some practice, students will have gained enough confidence and knowledge to perform a 2-hour Ashiatsu treatment that includes advanced anterior and side lying barefoot massage techniques.



Ashi Thai

2 Days, 16 CEUs

$450 Tuition
Pre-Req: LMT
NCBTMB # 223551-00

Ashi-Thai is an expression of traditional Thai stretches that have been modified to include the overhead bar system and therapists’ body positioning so no heavy lifting or bending occurs at the waist. This fluid and rhythmic approach to Thai massage was developed for Ashiatsu therapists seeking to expand their barefoot knowledge and add more versatility to their skillset.

Ashi-Thai can easily be incorporated into a regular Ashiatsu session or can also be considered as a stand-alone treatment. The Ashi-Thai 2 day workshop has been divided into two different modules, the posterior module & the anterior module. The combination of techniques has been arranged following traditional Thai energy lines and stretches for elongating and relieving tightness in commonly used muscle groups.


Master Level Training Program

Master Certification Program

80-100 CE Credits

Pre-Req: LMT
NCBTMB # 223551-00

Become Master Certified in DeepFeet Bar Therapy by completing every ashiatstu barefoot training course offered. In addition, save up to $300 when you sign up for the Master Level Training Program. Students will have 1 year to complete all  DeepFeet courses in a live training setting,  e-learning setting or a combination of the two.

Payment Plans Available. Email for more info.

Master Certification Program Includes:

  • Bars Free E-Learning Course
  • DeepFeet Basics Posterior & Anterior
  • DeepFeet Two
  • DeepFeet Three
  • Ashi Thai
  • DeepFeet Sarga Silks