To ensure safety for our therapists and clients we require the following steps to become certified in Ashiastu Bar Therapy:

Step 1 Complete the 3 day Basics course and pass bar exam on day 3
Step 2 Perform 20 documented practice Ashiatsu sessions after class
Step 3 Complete online quiz & provide client practice dates and feedback

If students fail bar exam or quiz a video may be required for review and evaluation.

Videos are evaluated by the therapist’s body mechanics, safe application of the strokes, and quality of the technique. If a therapist needs improvement, the following suggestions will be made:

  • Resubmit: Instructor will provide constructive feedback and offer you a list of resources available for your review/study and request a resubmittal of new video.
  • Private training: An in person or skype meeting with a DeepFeet instructor at a rate of $60 per hour.
  • Refresher class: Referral to retake a day of training or attend the workshop again in whole. Refresher class prices apply



  • Can advertise and use the title “Certified DeepFeet Therapist”
  • Can be listed on the “locate a graduate” tab on
  • Will be provided with DeepFeet logos’ for digital and print – but not reproduction for sale – purposes
  • Will receive their Certificate of Achievement to hang on the wall.
  • Will receive a lovely congratulatory email from Ruthie Hardee the founder.

If Denied:

Deep Feet Bar Therapy will contact you informing you the reasons why you were denied. This may occur in the case of non-compliance with any of our policies, not only the certification process, but also a breach in the Training & Use Agreement. This will be rare, and only after efforts have been made to assist the applicant as best we can.