ashiatsu and diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes & Ashiatsu

  The short answer is yes. However, each client is unique in their symptoms and reactions to bodywork and there…

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Stay Healthy with Lacuna Botanicals

DeepFeet Alumni receive 20% discount off all Lacuna CBD Massage Creams, Elixirs and Cosmetics. DeepFeet has partnered with Lacuna Botanicals to…

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detoxify your body

Detoxify Your Body

Foods You Should Avoid in Order to Detoxify Your Body By: Allison Casey Detox is a term often thrown around in…

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Embrace the Summer Solstice

The year is already just about half way over, and soon the peak of our daylight hours will be here,…

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Creating Newsletters

CONNECT WITH YOUR CLIENTS REGULARLY Newsletters are a great way to stay connected with your clientele and also keep them…

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