Asking Yourself “Are My Feet Too Rough For Ashiatsu”?

Have you been thinking about learning this amazing modality, but worried your feet aren’t soft enough?

The good news is that there are many easy things that you can do to prepare your feet for an ashiatsu class.  The best part of it all is … once you start doing ashiatsu in your practice, your feet are in cream or oil all day and it’s even easier to keep them soft for your clients.

Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy Ashiatsu TrainingThe main areas of your feet that clients will feel (if they’re not in ashiatsu shape) will be your heels and any sharp toenails (mainly on your pinky toes).  So, number one: keep your toenails trimmed short and filed.

Focus on softening up your heels.  Give your feet some attention every day in the shower with a pumice stone (it really only takes a minute every day).  Though professional pedicures are great, if you don’t do anything in between them – they may not be enough to keep your feet soft.  A little attention to your feet every day will do the trick!

If you have particularly dry or cracked feet, you may want to add in some moisturizing cream specifically for feet.  You can massage your feet with the cream at night, and sleep with some socks on to help lock in the moisture.

The number one thing to help keep your feet soft?  Wearing shoes and socks.  It might be a bit of a bummer to hear, as most therapists drawn to this work tend to like to be barefoot…

Start to think of your feet as you do your hands… Take as good of care of your feet and they will also make for great tools for your massage business. but it really will help to soften your feet and get them ready for some amazing ashiatsu for your clients!


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