Terri Higgins

St Pete, Florida

I have taken many, many classes over the years, but my training with DeepFeet has been the most amazing! There is more feet/hands on than most classes and the fact that you are either down on the table receiving or on the bars giving is the key. The classes are always small enough to get one on one attention and I have been fortune enough to have received plenty of follow up with instructors days, weeks and even months after the original classes. Everyone that gets the Ashi bug, is hooked and we have become a wonderful family. I don't know of any other modalities that have that connection. Most are finished as soon as the class is over. The dedication to the Ashi practice with DeepFeet therapists and instructors is far Superior than any I have ever seen. I am so excited for the new wave of classes that are coming and continuing to learn and grow with this great team!

Shannon Allen


It was such a joy to get the chance to learn from you, the founder of this amazing modality. Your class really helped me improve my technique learned in the basic class and create a smoother flow for my massages. Ashiatsu basics was already awesome but Deep Feet 2 Advanced training ...takes it to a whole new level. Being in your class was wonderful thank you for your attention to detail and individual guidance that you gave to each one of us. Namaste from Texas!

Jeni Hansen

Lincoln, Nebraska

Without a doubt I feel like it’s a gift to be able to offer the Deepfeet technique to my clients. No more injuring myself for clients who wanted deeper work. It’s rewarding when my clients tell me they “ finally” get the pressure they have always desired but were afraid to ask for more when they already knew I was working so hard to make them happy. I think they felt guilty that I could be hurting more when they wanted more pressure . Now when they pay for their session, I feel they get a better value and so do they. I couldn’t be happier either, I’m getting paid to stay in shape! You should see my arms, “They’re buff”! I’m excited to take my advance training this summer in Denver. Love – Love Love Ashiatsu.

Tammy Honeycutt

North Carolina

I have been a massage therapist for over 12 years. I have been practicing Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy for 3 and 1/2 years and have had amazing results with my clients. Many of them receive it at every appointment. I love doing it and it has been the talk of our small town. People everywhere ask me if I am the one who does the massage with my feet. My practice has grown tremendously because of this. Some travel from an hour or more to come for Ashiatsu DeepFeet Treatment. Thank you Ruthie for all the pointers and your kind assistance!

Karyn Verzwyvelt

Bend, OR

Learning Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage was a game changer for me, especially having learned it so early in my career as a therapist. From a wear and tear perspective, I was already doing a lot of deep tissue and myofascial work on clients and my thumbs were feeling it after only a couple of years. Now I use my feet to do so much of the work my hands used to do. Haven taken DeepFeet courses, when I learn a new technique that is not Ashiatsu, I always consider, can I do this effectively with my feet instead of my hands? And that has led to some amazing creativity and of course, efficiency. Using gravity and my body weight to more effectively deliver deep tissue work allows me to see four clients a day and not feel completely wiped out afterward. From a business perspective, my clients love Ashiatsu. They feel (and I agree) that it is next level body work. As one of only a few Ashiatsu therapists in my city, this specialization sets me apart from other therapists and makes marketing myself easier. So learning Ashiatsu has been great for my business across the board!

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