The DeepFeet Vision

We strive to provide comprehensive and evolving barefoot massage education for body/health-care workers seeking to grow their own practice. DeepFeet graduates can also use our techniques to extend their careers, saving their bodies from repetitive stress injuries. By extension, spreading the benefits of Ashiatsu barefoot massage to clients, we can help grow the movement of this transformative massage technique around the world.

Learning proper Ashiatsu massage techniques is achieved through our intimate class settings with certified and highly experienced DeepFeet instructors who are passionate about teaching. Our instructors aim to facilitate a non-threatening and positive learning environment for our students to grow and thrive in. DeepFeet students are challenged to reach their highest potential, and develop a solid foundation for the safe and effective application of barefoot massage techniques.

Our number one goal is to empower our graduates to become confident, productive, and successful Ashiatsu practitioners beyond their time with us. We provide the foundation, you provide the ongoing practice and benefits to your clients. DeepFeet students are able to receive detailed instruction in barefoot massage protocols through live, hands-on workshops, as well as online e-learning platforms. The high standards set forth by DeepFeet Bar Therapy in education for safe and professional Ashiatsu practices, paired with continual support, provide a positive setting for therapists to flourish and become dynamic barefoot massage practitioners.