It’s that time of the year, the holidays are quickly approaching and we are all still looking for that perfect gift for the special people in our lives. If you are still looking for the perfect gift for the Ashiatsu Therapist in your life, look no further we have compiled the ultimate gift guide for Ashiatsu Therapists. These are not affiliate links, these are legitimate products we would love to get ourselves!

Neck Massager


Nothing will make an Ashiatsu therapist happier than receiving a massage themselves! We have hand-picked this one because it can be used on the neck, shoulder, or legs. Is powerful and portable at the same time.
$12.95 Amazon.

Heated Slippers

Us Ashi-therapists need to keep our feet warm. These slippers are not only easy to get on and off but are easily heated up in the microwave. They are made with 100% natural and environmentally friendly materials. Light, soft, smooth, and cozy… what else can you ask for?! $26.99-$29.99 Amazon.

Fomentek Bags

Fomentek bags are great products that are used to alleviate different kinds of pains. We use them to warm our feet before our sessions and also during a treatment on clients for added hydro therapy benefits. Amazon.

Coconut Massage Oil


As you can guess, we go through a lot of massage oil during our practice. Here at DeepFeet, we have been using Bon Vital products since the beginning and we love it. This one, in particular, is our favorite! $50.92 Amazon.

Massage FX® Cream

This cream is magical, it provides the right kind of glide that you need for Ashiatsu and it’s easy on your sheets. Any massage therapist would be delighted to have this as a Christmas gift. You can get it in 4 different sizes so it can be a gift of its own or the perfect stocking stuffer! $7.15-$198.99 Massage Warehouse.

Ashiatsu Portable Bars

If you are feeling especially generous this holiday season, nothing would make your special Ashiatsu therapist happier that a set of portable bars. They are the perfect companion for any barefoot massage therapist that wants to take their practice outside of their studio. The bars are aerodynamic, light and gorgeous all the way around! $1999.00 DeepFeet.


Pedi Perfect Foot File

We work magic with our feet. We have to pamper and keep them pristine at all times. This bad boy is gentle and very effective at keeping our feet Ashiatsu-ready. $44.99 Amazon.

Foot Warmer Mat

Full disclosure, we haven’t tried this foot warmer mat yet but we have been dreaming about it! We think this would make a perfect addition to anyone’s practice for keeping those feet nice and toasty. Another added bonus is that It’s rubber and can be sanitized it in between treatments.  $49.39 Amazon.

Ellora Electric Lift Massage Table


This table is a game changer for any ashiatsu therapist!  Since clients are different in their size, shape and texture it’s so nice to be able to adjust your table throughout your sessions. This table is ADA Compliant which gives you a 50% tax deduction, that’s right you will actually get a payment from the IRS for up to 50% of the cost of this table. The Ellora is is quiet, sturdy and allows for hands-free lift adjustments. Our clients love how comfortable it is and we love just about everything about it.

DeepFeet Students can order this table through us to save 15% off the retail price of  $1,399.99. Email for more information.


Coffee Mugs

Who doesn’t love coffee or tea? Etsy has some really cute cups made especially for massage therapists. Check them all out. We have picked two of our favorite ones and you can find them here:Etsy,or Etsy, 







DeepFeet Tank Tops

All of our graduates love the tank tops and since you can get them in many different colors  they make for one of the best gifts for an Ashiatsu Therapist out there!

On sale this month only for $14.99!  DeepFeet.