The other day, I noticed not one, or two, but three bruises on my left quad/knee. How they got there, I have no idea. Perhaps some of you are like that as well. It’s one of those, “Oh, THAT’S going to leave a mark!” moment.

As I pointed them out to my husband, he laughed and reminded me what a train wreck I am in general. And it’s true. I hit my head on the car door when closing it, run into walls, turn corners too quickly. (I read once that it’s because my quadriceps are overdeveloped and overpower the hamstrings. I’ll stick with that.)

And then he said, “I don’t know HOW on earth you are so graceful at barefoot massage. You look great doing it, like you’re skating or dancing, and it feels great. And then you get off the table and run into a post!”

If you think you are too clumsy to be a good ashiatsu barefoot therapist, maybe you are. But maybe you will be better than you think. Although I’ve not taken dance, I think that Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is an amazing graceful dance, and I sometimes prance about smoothly on the table, pirouetting as if I have a tutu on. Ashiatsu transcends my clumsiness. As once a massage therapy student proclaimed in amazement as she watched a demonstration, it’s like figure skating, without the ice (or the cold!).