Video Instruction

Below is a video instruction of the posterior seated shoulder routine. This page is for your private use only and not to be shared with the public. The page will expire when the workshop starts. You don’t need bars to do this homework which is why we send it out early. You just need a table, head rest, wall and a 24 inch kitchen stool. It’s obvious you don’t want to use a stool on rollers.

We recommend that you use the video as a study guide and practice if you feel ready to. Please do not practice on paying clients. Practice on friends, family and colleagues that are both female and male so you can feel and see the difference in palpating bone structure and feeling the tissue under your feet.

You need balance and mobility starting now not to mention you need to be receptive to using every part of your feet moving while making client contact. It’s not just about pressure and your heels. Your pressure should be about a 3-5 on a pressure scale of 1-10.  The person whose head is nestled in the head rest should not feel bumpiness, any touching on the back of his or her hair, neck, ears or downward pressure in the cervical region (this causes hyperextension of the neck)  They should not get a choking sensation if you rest your heels in the rhomboid area and push on the upper traps. Lastly, be mindful how much lubrication and use cream not oil (you’ll grip better) Tightening your core while sitting on the stool and keeping your shoulders back against the wall will help keep you in better balance and in place.