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grad of the month

“I’ll never get a hands-on again”

We love testimonials. Recently, one of our Canadian grads (Lisa, who is super sweet and an amazing therapist) sent in…

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ashiatsu deepfeet training

The 12 days of Ashi

A holiday classic for us Ashiatsu geeks: The infamous 12 Days of Ashi video that our instructor team made in…

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hypertension word cloud

Ashiatsu and uncontrolled hypertension

  Wonder why Ashiatsu is contraindicated for clients with uncontrolled hypertension? Check out this interesting article about a massage study…

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ashiatsu training

Deep compression and Gliding effleurage combined.

I was describing Ashiatsu to someone recently, and I used the term ‘Gliding Compression’ to explain part of DeepFeet Bar…

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ashiatsu evolved

How important are the Bars in Your Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage?

How important are the bars in your BarefootBar Work? “I’ve done this before…without bars…!” The students who utter those words…

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