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Hanni Peterson Ashiatsu Instructor Washington DC

Instructor Spotlight – Hanni Peterson of San Diego, CA

The Deepfeet Bar Therapy Group is barefootin’ it over to the west coast to dip our toes in some San…

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Barefoot Massage and the Belly…

The Psoas tends to be associated with back pain, and for some people, receiving deep therapeutic massage to this muscle…

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Ashiatsu-did we invent this stuff?

Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy is one of the best known barefoot massage styles in the US, famous for long gliding…

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The 12 days of Ashi

A holiday classic for us Ashiatsu geeks: The infamous 12 Days of Ashi video that our instructor team made in…

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Deep compression and Gliding effleurage combined.

I was describing Ashiatsu to someone recently, and I used the term ‘Gliding Compression’ to explain part of DeepFeet Bar…

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