Ashiatsu is more than just walking on your clients backs, and Advanced Ashiatsu is SO much more than just standing on them with two feet!

In the DF2: Advanced Ashiatsu class, we teach two footed, bilateral moves that go from ankles to shoulders in one full swoop  –  but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Imagine moving both feet in unison but in opposition from each other, while utilizing your core and hips to initiate movement, and coordinating your hand and arm placement with your strength for seamless control of pressure, without upsetting the privacy of your clients secure draping, without plunging pressure into endangerment sites, while analyzing what tissues need to be specifically addressed and while scanning your client for signs of discomfort or pure bliss, while also maintaining the physical endurance and good mental judgement on how many double footed strokes you can safely apply… oh, and you have to breathe, too!

It takes time to get to this point, but it comes with practice. In our Advanced Ashi class, you’ll already know the Barefoot Basics and Anterior/Sidelying moves inside and out – you are a pro at applying 1 foot at a time. Your clients love it, you can do it with your eyes closed. Now you want a challenge, and Advanced Ashiatsu is it!

We’ll teach you the single footed application of every double footed stroke so that you can trouble shoot your way through flowing massages and apply new single footed moves that your clients have never felt before… and the amazing two footed strokes for when you need to pull out the big guns and apply even more pressure on the right client. They work beautifully together, and what we have to teach you in this class will triple your vocabulary of strokes, and double the feeling of your weight on the client.

Safety first – don’t try this at home until you are trained by a DeepFeet Ashiatsu instructor: there are MANY ways that clients and therapists could be injured if this material is performed improperly, without respect, or expert training. We’ll go over the contraindications together in class, and you’ll get 3 days of practice with your instructor before you are set loose to take over the world with your new found superhero Ashiatsu skills!!!

Once you’ve completed your Barefoot Basics, Anterior/Sidelying training, as well as the Certification test from your Barefoot Basics class…. and once you’ve had a few months of practice using these single-footed skills…. come back for more training, come back for Advanced Ashiatsu!


Step up in your career. Step into Ashiatsu!

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