Amy Chambers

An amazing course that introduces the wonderful world of Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage. Natalie was a fun and engaging instructor who went above and beyond in her instructions and made the class unforgettable. I can’t wait to start practicing!

 Rachel George

I think Ashiatsu is going to be a really fun addition to my massage therapy practice. I loved learning it, and to my relief, I didn’t start out terrible at it! I really appreciate the facility host/instructor-in-training, the instructor, the classmates, and the guest clients. Everyone was really wonderful and I wish it were practical to extend this class and get more classroom practice!

 Klairung Jirawatsunthon

This is the highest standards massage class I have taken. I can’t believe that my feet can do a massage as good as my hands. But I did it. I’m looking forward to take Deepfeet 2 with Lynn Smet.

 Megan Mccusker

This class was well organized and fun to learn. The instructors are clearly passionate about this modality. They were able to identify what was needed for each student to thrive and feel comfortable the entire time. Ashiatsu is such an inspiring way to work; a powerful tool for both client and therapist alike.

 Brandy Thornton

I couldn’t wait to get to Colorado so that I could learn a new modality, Ashiatsu, from the founder, Ruthie Hardee. I felt very welcomed and it was tremendous to receive instruction from two instructors. I will and have recommended this class to everyone I speak to about my trip and why I went to Colorado. I look forward to the next class and the one after that. Thank you Ruthie and Magi for making my experience with you amazing and fun.

 Linda Dima

I am thrilled to learn Ashiatsu and know that it will be a vital part of my massage career along with providing an amazing massage for my clients.

 Emily Crowe

Pilar is an attentive, fun, and thorough instructor. Everything that the Deep Feet crew is coming up with in the new Ashiatsu curriculum is top notch, innovative, and fresh. I appreciate all the hard work everyone is putting in to evolve our modality and look forward to more advanced ashiatsu trainings.

 Tia Ballard

The atmosphere, the women, and the ladies who instructed class were all amazing. The information was clear and simple, to the point. This was the smoothest flowing class I have taken and Natalie made the whole 3 days seem so short yet so much fun. Thank You All at Mudra!

 Lena List

I left this class feeling confident and educated. As a therapist I now have a chance to explore my clients tissue in a fresh new way. I feel like my career has a potential of many more years and experiences.

 Kayla Hadfield

Such a wonderful experience! Brady was my instructor and he was an amazing help. He is very intuitive and understanding. China was a teacher trainer that was assisting the class and I must say she is going to make one incredible ashiatsu instructor! Thanks you deepfeet for such a great introduction to ashiatsu!

 Lesa Willis

LOVED THIS ASHIATSU CLASS and I am really excited to start working with these skills and getting my practice time in on folks! THANKS SOOOOO MUCH!!!! KATE WAS AWESOME!!!

 Samantha McCulloch

I had a fantastic 3 days of learning Ashiatsu! The class was small and individualized and the material was easy to grasp. I can’t wait to start using these techniques with more of my clients!

Imanee Ford

I’m excited to use what I’ve learned in the barefoot basics course to improve my massage therapy career. The training was worth every dollar and mile driven, and communication amongst all parties is a 10/10. I’m looking forward to growing with the DeepFeet brand.

Meghan McDaniel

Thoroughly enjoyed “getting my feet wet” with this unique modality. I cannot wait to perfect my technique, practice with clients, and offer ashiatsu in my massage/wellness space.

Amy Sharp

I am so happy I took this class. Everything and more I was hoping to add to my practice. I was lucky enough to stay in Shara’s home. Very gracious, welcoming and clean. The studio was beautiful and clean, perfect environment for learning. All materials from DeepFeet are very helpful, the book with pictures and explication of moves are helpful to refresh once being home and practicing. Website is easy to maneuver too. Looking forward in the future to taking more advanced classes, once I master the one foot. Thank you!

Kelsey Holzer

I had so much fun learning the Ashiatsu barefoot basic techniques and protocols! The format of the course made learning a breeze. I absolutely loved Kate and her teaching style.

Tiffany Korf

Natalie made the class a great experience, the materials and modality being presented were easy to grasp. I felt more prepared than ever having access to the online learning materials before the class and watching the videos. Overall I had fun in class and learned a lot. I am excited to continue my Ashiatsu journey and I will definitely take more DeepFeet courses in the future. win+win!

Norvanda Hicks

This class was super fun and super awesome. I’m so happy I had the opportunity to get trained by Christy. Her techniques and the style was easy to follow and grasp and now love Ashi that much more! Thanks for being so amazing Christy! I look forward to being a part of this Ashi community! Best type of massage ever!

  Akaljeet Khalsa

The Deep Feet Bar therapy has been a life saver for me and my clients. I live in a town with a lot of athletes whose bodies need deep tissue work. I have been practicing for twenty years in my private practice and needed a new way to serve their needs and care for my body. I have taken Barefoot Basics And Ashi Thai and its easing the stress on my body and I can continue to serve my clients needs. I am trained in traditional Thai massage as well and would never go back to it after discovering Ashi Thai. Christy Bebout is an incredible dynamic and skilled instructor. It’s not her first rodeo as she has been a trainer for many years. I have taken both my trainings with her and will continue to do so and recommend others!! She is vibrant and keeps the material fun as she keeps the students focused and engaged. And has great time management skills. She has the training in her home and it’s beautifully and professionaly designed. Thank you for prolonging my career and making the trading so accessible. Namaste

   Heather Kitzman

I loved this Ashiatsu class! The atmosphere, the women, the direction from the class, and the materials work great it was put together very well and very easy to follow along with and I felt very comfortable learning it and being able to come home and incorporated into my business