Master Program Student Agreement

Master Program Student Agreement
I, , Understand the standard time period for completing
the DeepFeet Master Program is 1 year from the date of my first class to the completion of my final

I Agree to register, attend class and complete my certification in all the standard DeepFeet courses
including: DeepFeet1 Basics, DeepFeet2, DeepFeet3, and Ashi Thai (DeepFeet Sarga Silks is Optional)
within one year of (date of first registered course).

I understand this is agreement is signed as a GOOD FAITH disclaimer, and that if I withdrawal from the
program and do not complete all the courses within the 1 year time period, the standard cost of any
classes attended will be applied with the difference in cost due at the time of my withdrawal from the
Master Program.

I also understand that if additional time beyond 1 year is needed to due to the following
circumstances: class cancellations, illness, injury or family emergency, that the time frame can be
extended accordingly through direct communication with the DeepFeet team. If there is a need to
reschedule a class I have registered for there will be a $75 roll over fee to process a new class
registration. If DeepFeet or the Instructor cancels a class, this roll over fee will be waived.

Approved by: ________________________ (DeepFeet to complete this)

Approved Date: _______________________ (DeepFeet to complete this)

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