For those of you don’t know, we have a rockstar Ashiatsu graduate among us. Darcy Lynch melts the bands that melt our faces off! She’s toured with bands using Ashiatsu, and has got them hooked. She’s had countless articles written on her, and she has a very loyal following of some of the bands that are more than likely in your CD collection. People know her. She’s kind of a big deal.

She’s so awesome that she can’t be everywhere at once, and now has a trail of LMT’s, yoga instructors, personal trainers, acupuncturists and others from coast to coast just waiting for one of your contracted bands to roll through town. That’s right – she has an army of healers in her wake, and you could be one of them. I’ve done a few gigs for her and LOVED how organized, smooth and clear she makes everything. Her very clear code of ethics to keep us from freaking out and getting starstruck – ensuring the client the well-deserved REAL MASSAGE that they asked for. The bands and their crew know how it works, they what to expect, and they have high expectations and just want to prepare for, or recover from, the show

You might work on the truck drivers, light or sound crew, or even ~gasp~ the band… but you better play it cool. I loved being the moment of zen amidst the buzz of backstage, helping whoever escape for as long as they could spare. I loved that they smelled my Patchouli and tracked me down before I even hung up the signs to tell them where I was! During the lull’s, some bands have even given me a special pass that would let me go out into the crowd and watch the concert for a while… a fun working experience and a free concert!? Way too cool!


Would you like to be on Darcy’s network!? Check out her site, and read the amazing articles on her and her work below… then contact the lady herself to get in on the gigs. Let her know if you have portable bars!!!!


Here are just a few of her articles!

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Keeping the rockers tuned up


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