Shara Cox, Instructor

When I was almost 30 years old, I quit my super-stressful-crazyschedule job as a flight attendant and enrolled in massage school on a whim! Becoming a massage therapist saved my life, but in just three years, chronic low back pain and a wrist issue were already starting to set in. My brain loved the challenge of solving client’s pain problems with deep tissue all day long, but my body just couldn’t keep up. I knew of therapists who were practicing Ashiatsu, but I was so afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to do with my feet what my hands were so good at. Finally, one day I conquered my fear and signed up for the Barefoot Basics Workshop and spent those three days saying things like- “I can’t believe that my feet can do that, it’s so much easier!” and “Wow, my feet fit perfectly there!” Four years later, I have the most wonderful opportunity to teach other therapists the best modality on the planet, and hopefully save them from the misfortune of uttering- “WHY did I wait SO long to learn this?" My studio is in my home, which is tucked away on 11 peaceful acres in beautiful Austin, Texas. When I'm not teaching or practicing Ashiatsu, I enjoy watching silly romantic comedies with my husband, hanging out with my best bud Frankie the pug, Bikram yoga to stay fit and flexible, and practicing on my tri-skates (giant-wheeled roller blades). Come be encouraged and inspired and learn to do what you love- barefoot! For more info about Austin DeepFeet Classes visit:

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