Serena Scaglione, Instructor

Aloha! My name is Serena Scaglione, and I am so excited to be bringing my love for Ashiatsu to the Island of Maui! My journey of becoming a massage therapist and Ashiatsu Instructor has many beautiful layers to it. I first started out as a Certified AcroYoga Instructor in 2011 in Portland, Oregon and through this practice found a love for Thai massage (it's part of the practice) and decided I wanted to further my career of giving and teaching massage. I moved to Hawaii in 2017 and continued training in Lomi Lomi, Kua Lua (Hawaiian back walking) and ili ili (Hawaiian Hot Stone) massage. The long flowing strokes of Lomi Lomi using my hands and forearms mirrors the long flowing strokes of Ashiatsu using my feet! Since then I have been blending Ashiatsu with Lomi Lomi and hot stones to deliver one of the most luxurious massages on the Planet! Ashiatsu has changed my life, deepened my practice and finally gave me the tools I needed by using other body parts besides just my forearms and hands to lengthen my massage career. If you are an LMT that works hard and you are starting to feel the burn out in your wrists, hands and thumbs- this practice is for YOU! Plus I feel great in my body giving Ashiatsu, and my clients absolutely love to receive the Deep Feet work! It's a win win situation for all. I am now a DeepFeet Instructor, and you can find me in Maui at “Ashiatsu Maui Massage and Wellness” in Paia next to the ocean where I give Ashiatsu sessions and hold Ashiatsu training courses for LMTS! Come receive and learn this incredible modality in paradise! Your body and soul with thank you!

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