Sara Albee, Instructor

I knew Ashiatsu was for me the first time I heard another therapist rave about it. After a car accident during massage school, I realized it would be difficult for me to do traditional massage long-term so I took my first course shortly after graduating. I was amazed at how much I could feel and the precision I could have with my feet. Following several years as a solo ashiatsu practitioner, my practice in New Orleans has now grown to be the premier massage location in the city with a team of skilled and highly trained therapists. It has been deeply gratifying to train and guide other therapists to confidently work with their feet, prolonging their career and saving their bodies while providing the most effective massage on the planet! Course attendees at our New Orleans location can also look forward to experiencing the unique music, food and culture for which the city is famous. On the last day of class, we often go together to a mini outdoor festival - Music at the Square, just a few blocks away. We can also connect you with very affordable accommodation options nearby. LA provider number: LAP0268 Program number: LCEU000214

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