Magi Palmer Deepfeet Ashiatsu Instructor

Magi Palmer, Instructor

I started my career as a massage therapist in 2011. Directly out of school I started my own practice and I quickly fell in love with helping others. Most of my clientele want to deep tissue work; however, about a year after I began I found that my wrists and lower back we’re in pain from attempting to deliver the pressure needed for affective work. I was heart broken to realize I was going to have to cut back on my clientele and it felt like my career as a massage therapist had a limit. Ashiatsu was a natural choice for my career. It hit a reset button and got me excited about bodywork again. Clients loved the deep and effective work and I was completely pain-free after four months of practicing Ashiatsu. I am exceedingly excited to teach other massage therapists this modality. It is such a gift to watch students walk away with such a solid tool to transform their practice and relieve their lives from repetitive stress injury‘s. Throughout the course you will receive personalized one on one instruction and will leave class with confidence to provide a complete full body Ashiatsu session. I look forward to shining a new light on your career as a barefoot healer! Come to Oak Harbor WA and enjoy "the gateway to the Olympic Peninsula" while you learn this truly unique form of massage.

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