Kathryn Cady Deepfett Bar Therapy

Kathryn Cady, Instructor

I have a great passion for learning. I am a licensed massage therapist, master’s level social worker, certified yoga trapeze instructor, yoga teacher, and have a background in treating mental health through mindfulness training. I came to Ashiatsu when I was seeking something new to bring to my massage practice. I wanted to learn something that would add to my skillset but also take some of the pressure off of my hands and shoulders. My first thought was Thai Yoga Massage as it would bring 2 of my passions together: Yoga and Massage. After going to an amazing Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, I knew that would not help with the burn out I was feeling in my body. That is when I found Deepfeet Bar therapy Ashi Thai. I took the Ashi Basics course, and then Ashi Thai, and have not looked back. Since then, I have worked to fuse together things that I have learned over the years and developed a modality that centers and soothes the nervous system, elongates the muscles, eases tension, all while creating interests for clients and therapists. I am excited to be teaching these modalities in Ashi Restore Basics and Aerial Atsu. I look forward to seeing you

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