Brady Preyss, Instructor

I love working smarter instead of harder. I knew I loved Ashiatsu from the moment I stepped up on the table for the first time. After years of steady deep tissue massage sessions my body was screaming for a more efficient way to use my weight, my spine, and my energy. I've been able to build a successful clientele and business with my ashiatsu practice the last 4 years, and it has increased my enjoyment in my bodywork practice significantly. I love to teach kinesthetics and embodiment practices, whether it's yoga, dance or bodywork, and I really enjoy the art of connective communication practices. It's my passion and goal to share the richness of ashiatsu barefoot massage with students as fully and beautifully as I possibly can. Asheville is one of the healing arts meccas in the South-East and a great place to visit anytime of year for arts, music, culture and nature. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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