Abby Parker, Instructor

I decided to go to massage school because I wanted to be self employed. I loved receiving massages, so I gave it a chance. After graduation, I realized I was not quiet prepared for all the issues I would encounter or the body sizes that I would have on my table! So I started taking CE courses as they came to Honolulu. I felt strong, yet I wasn’t able to give the deep pressure that so many clients were asking for. When I saw an ad for ashiatsu, I signed up immediately (2007). Now I could easily give a deeper massage, and my clients were very satisfied! Among the many classes I took, CranialSacral, Lymph Drainage, Soft Tissue Release, Repetitive Use Injury Therapy, Myofascial Release, Lomilomi, Thai Massage, then came Medical Massage. I completed a six course, 100 hours, certificate in Medical Massage with Health Matters Seminars, David Morin (Module VI Physical Assessment and Objective Documentation and Ethics for Clinical Massage taught by Wanita R. Thompson, RN, LMT). My private practice is now focused on ashiatsu and working with injuries. The two modalities go very well together, and I am happy to say my body is holding up in this physically demanding field. I love to share my knowledge and experience. I look forward to teaching ashiatsu with DeepFeet Bar Therapy® and hope you will join us, the barefoot massage specialists! Aloha, F. Abby Parker, LMT

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