This month, we’re starting something new! Our amazing team of Ashiatsu instructors have a passion to transform the lives of other therapists. We thought we’d do a little Q and A to give you a little more insight on this amazing group of women and what makes us all tick.

So, without further ado, let’s talk with Nancy Delong of Mudra Massage in Portland, OR.

    1. Where are you from originally?  California
    2. How long have you been a massage therapist? 11 years
    3. What made you want to get in to massage? Wanted to get away from my desk job and into something more gratifying, also wanted to travel and sleep in!
    4. What did you do before massage school? Marketing
    5. How long have you been doing ashiatsu, and where did you originally learn? 6 Years, Brenda in VegasNancy and Canyon
    6. What drew you to the modality originally? Was burnt out after 5 years of doing deep bodywork, was seeking an alternative to using my elbows and thumbs. Also wanted to extend my career!
    7. What percentage of your clients do you do barefoot massage on? 99%
    8. What other modalities do you do in your massage practice? Trigger Point, Thai, Sports, Deep Tissue, LaStone
    9. How to they complement each other? It makes my massage unique and different each time, I have a lot of tools to utilize.
    10. How long have you been teaching barefoot massage? 5 years
    11. What made you want to teach? I wanted to help save therapists careers and bodies.
    12. What makes teaching Deepfeet rewarding? Knowing that therapists are working smarter not harder and enjoying the barefoot work that they do.
    13. How do you feel like you can transform other massage therapists’ careers? By giving them tools that won’t hurt their bodies, alsogiving them the confidence to work deep without discomfort to the client.

Enka and Nancy14. Do you have a favorite moment or testimonial that you’d like to share? I had a student that broke her wrist and had to quit doing massage, she took our course and was able to perform massage again and created a blossoming practice offering Barefoot Massage.

15. Any crazy or funny class moments you’d like to share? Hmm. I think that one’s better kept in the secret vaults!

16. Do you blog anywhere other than here? What’s your site? Yes,

17. Married? Family? Pets? Husband Jeremy of 3 years, Baby Canyon 1 year, Enka the Rotweiler 5 years

18. Can you drive a stick shift or farm equipment or ride a motorcycle? Yes, I can drive stick shift. I was raised riding dirt bikes but no longer partake. 

  1. What do you do for fun? Traveling, my favorite countries I visited are Spain, Thailand and Costa Rica. I also enjoy hiking, biking and camping. 
  2. Any other interesting tidbits? My husband Jeremy and I own and run Mudra Massage together! With a number of massage therapists that work for us, we specialize in both massage and floatation.
    Nancy in Thailand
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