The difference between being trained in Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy and being a Certified Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapists are two separate distinctions. Check out our Ashiatsu Certification blog trilogy to learn more about the background on this level of recognition across the massage therapy profession. As for the process on how we offer our certification: read on!

We offer 3 levels of certification for graduates of our program. These levels are:

The Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy modality wants to ensure that anyone bearing our name is representing the technique with the utmost safety and ease. As the industry leaders and innovators of westernized Ashiatsu in the field of Barefoot Massage, Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy extends the reputation, purity and quality of this modality through our high expectations in student certification programs.

By attending our training workshops and earning each level of certification, you can become a part of a respected brand and team of thousands of practitioners who represent the Deepfeet family across the globe.

For each level of Certification, a (4) part certification process that is available for graduates of our program.

  • Perform strokes on your instructor during class for the best personalized feedback possible
  • Demonstrate your new skills during class in a client practical massage
  • After class, complete a written/multiple choice test and complete 20 documented practice sessions
  • After the 20 practice sessions, complete online quiz and list practice sessions, demonstrating the growth in your skills

The opportunity to massage the instructor in class allows us to help you hone in on the quality of touch in your strokes. Our hands-on guest client practical is an invaluable experience for our students during training, as well. Clients come in all shapes, sizes and some with chronic issues. Our goal is to make sure you are prepared for real world situations.

We pride ourselves in providing this exceptional opportunity for therapists to receive one-on-one individualized constructive critiques from 2 other massage therapists in class, your instructor, and a large-framed male client while in Barefoot Basics – all with a variety of professional, expert and real world feedback to help you grow. Offering these experiences in class is rare into today’s continuing education market due to the logistical efforts and public coordination involved – but we feel it is a very important part of the learning process.

Once Certified, you are eligible for the following:

  • List your contact information on our “Find a Therapist” page
  • Use the “Certified” title in your marketing
  • Have access to utilize our logo’s for your marketing
  • Gain access to more difficult levels of Ashiatsu training
  • Earn added benefits in our graduate support website

We look forward to supporting your growth deeper into this technique, and we are excited to stand behind the quality of your amazing Ashiatsu massages!

Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy® is the leader in Continuing Education for Massage Therapists  nationwide. Our method of deep tissue barefoot Swedish massage using an over head support system has improved the quality of life for many massage therapists around the world. Learn more at