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    Deepfeet 2 Quiz

    How many sessions did you perform using the 2 footed strokes prior to sending in your certification quiz?

    Name 4 contraindications for two-footed strokes:

    Why are women not good candidates, in general, for receiving two-footed Ashiatsu strokes?

    Who is an ideal candidate for two-footed Ashiatsu strokes?

    Name three ways to tell if you are giving too much pressure to your client:

    List 3 types of bolstering that may be necessary for client comfort when receiving Ashiatsu:

    Why is it necessary to include one-footed strokes in a session where two-footed strokes are incorporated?

    Name four endangerment sites when performing DeepFeet Bar Therapy is:

    What are the two most common mistakes made by a DeepFeet grad?

    Why is it important to spend 10 minutes or more performing anterior work on a client after they've received DeepFeet Bar Therapy?

    Why is it important to do Venous Flow strokes after performing the Full Downward Butterfly?

    List 10 practice sessions including client's name and date. List 2 email addresses from the 10:

    Email us 2 client feedback forms after you submit your quiz to the DeepFeet main office and our Certifying Instructor, Lynn Smet:

    Do you have a DeepFeet Membership, if so, which level?:

    Are you participating in the DeepFeet Master Program?

    If you have a membership, or are registered through the Master Program, Certification Fee will be waived, you can disregard the online payment page that will show after you submit this quiz. If NONE, please submit payment for the Certification Fee on the Payment Page after you Click SUBMIT. Thank you.

    FYI, due to the number of quizzes we receive, reviews are done on a monthly basis. It may be up to a month for your certification to be completed. Lynn Smet, our instructor who grades and processes certifications will be in touch by email once her review is done and/or if anything more is needed.
    Lynn's email for reference is

    If you have any questions in the meantime, please call or text our Office Manager, Lana Barry at 503-715-7929. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 10-5 Pacific time. Thank you!