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Master Training Program

Become Certified in all of DeepFeet Bar Therapy Courses and save up to $300!

Available Training Options:

Live Program: Choose the best date and location for each course

E-Learning: Study in your home or office and work one on one virtually with a certified Instructor.

Combo: You choose which classes you prefer to take in a live or e-learning setting.

Payment Plans Available:  To set up a payment plan we need a deposit of $250, which will go towards the cost of your first class, DeepFeet1; payments after will need to be a minimum of $200, though you can pay more at any time. Once the total of a class is paid for you will be registered for the live class of your choice for location/date, based on availability, or enrolled in the eLearning course.

With your deposit you will also be enrolled in the initial Bars Free E-Learning course which is being provided at no charge within the Masters Program; it’s an excellent way to get started learning our modality while making your first payments.

When you determine which course package you would like we will send a confirmation of the total that will be due, set up your payment plan and take your deposit, or payment in full if you prefer

Live Master Certification 97 CEU’s- $2,250

Program Includes:

  • Bars Free E-Learning 12 CEU’s:
  • DeepFeet 1 Basics: 25 CEU’s
  • DeepFeet 2 Advanced: 16 CEU’s
  • DeepFeet 3 Advanced Anterior/Side Lying: 12 CEU’s
  • Ashi Thai: 16 CEU’s
  • Sarga Silks (floor Ashiatsu) 16 CEU’s

ELearning Master Certification 107 CEU’s – $1,645

 Program Includes:

  • DeepFeet 1 Basics Posterior Pro Course: 30 CEU’s
  • DeepFeet 1 Basics Anterior Pro Course: 12 CEU’s
  • DeepFeet 2 Advanced Pro Course: 14 CEU’s
  • DeepFeet 3 Advanced Anterior/Side-Lying: 12 CEU’s
  • Ashi Thai 25 CEU’s

Terms: Students will have 1 Year to complete the Master Certification Program. (If more time is needed please contact our main office directly to review.) We will create a master program schedule for you based on your preference in either live, e-learning or a combo of the two. If you are enrolled in the live program and choose to switch a course from live to e-learning there will be a $25 processing fee to make the switch.


Therapist Requirements

DeepFeet Courses are available to:

- Licensed Massage Therapists
- Massage students with 75% completion of schooling.
- Licensed Chiropractors, Physical Therapists & Acupuncturists

Physical Expectations: We ask that you are healthy and free of any contraindications that would prevent you from receiving Ashiatsu in class.

Conditions include:

- Pregnancy or trying to conceive
- Uncontrolled High blood pressure
- Recent injuries or surgeries
- Contagious skin disorders
- Compromised immune system
- Acute liver or kidney disorders
- Certain medications
- Acute autoimmune disorders
- Recent surgical implants
- Advanced Diabetes

The art of learning effleurage fluidly with the feet can be physically and mentally challenging. A successful learning environment depends on team participation.

If you have any physical ailment or debility that may interfere with you or your classmates’ learning process, please contact us in advance. Our first priority is safety for all students and guest clients participating in our workshops. A private one-on-one class may be available if you require extra time or attention. Each student will give and receive two or more hours of Ashiatsu on the first two days of class. Although Ashiatsu is incredibly relaxing, it is also a deep compressive form of massage that is not appropriate for all conditions.

Supply List

Students will need the following equipment and supplies:

- Computer, Ipad (e-learning)
- Adobe Flash Player (e-learning)
- High Speed Internet (e-learning)
- Ashiatsu Bars
- Sturdy Wooden Stool 24"-26" tall
- 32"-35" wide Massage Table
- Cream or Oil
- Linens
- Hand Towels
- Sanitizer
- King Pillow


You will have 1 year to complete this Master Certification Program and will receive your CEU's after each course is complete. After ALL, courses have been completed you will receive your Master Certificate.

In order to be successful in taking this course we recommend the following:

1. Be physically healthy & fit and free of any recent injuries
2. Have a strong understanding of anatomy, physiology and deep tissue techniques
3. Be able set aside a minimum of 5-10 hours a week for study & practice
4.. Receive Ashiatsu sessions during your training from a Certified DeepFeet Graduate
5. Perform 10-20 practice sessions on various body types after each course to complete certification

E-Learning: Our comprehensive Ashiatsu online courses has been created with the same amount of quality and care that we put forth in our live classroom teachings. We’re here to help you along the way to understand every element of performing the best barefoot massage techniques you can.

This is not a typical home study massage course that only involves a written manual and video instruction. Our course meets that standards of a true E Learning experience where students will log into a private secure online platform and follow a detailed course outline and are tested on each lesson before they are able to move onto the following module. Most students will spend approximately 3-4 hours on our lecture portion of class before viewing ashiatsu video instruction. Our number one goal is safety for both the therapist and the client. Making sure you have an understanding of proper bar construction, contraindications and body mechanics is key to delivering a safe and productive Ashiatsu treatment.

Documented practice sessions are required to complete our courses and receive full CE credit. What sets our program apart from others is that our course content is delivered in a fashion that is interesting, challenging and most importantly holds students accountable for learning and retaining the content so that you can practice Ashiatsu effectively and successfully beyond your time with us.

All packages provided will prepare you to offer Ashiatsu as a service in your practice. However, in order to market yourself as a DeepFeet Certified Therapist, you must complete the Pro Certification Course.

If you have multiple therapists you would like trained please email us at for more info.

See our FAQs for additional information.

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