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Ashi Restore Basics

3 Days 24 CE Hours - $750
$325 Non-Refundable Deposit
Pre-requisite: Licensed Massage Therapist

Ashi Restore Course

Ashi Restore Basics takes Ashi to the mat! This course adds some serious versatility to your practice with positions that are inspired from yoga and massage techniques that target the fascia, stretch and elongate the muscles, and create a rhythm that speaks to the parasympathetic nervous system. Additionally, the entire modality is designed to be done fully clothed. Want to take your Ashi moves to the local farmers market? Grab your mat, a few props and find a delightful spot in the shade. Want to market yourself at a local conference or trade show? No need to have anyone disrobe! Looking to add something effective to your table practice? This integrates there with your overhead bars. The yoga inspired aspects of this modality are great for yoga minded clients. No yoga skills? No worries, we will teach you all you need to know. Additionally, the skills learned in this class integrate amazingly with Ashi Thai. The only prerequisite necessary for this class is to be an LMT, and you do not need overhead bars to do this work on the mat (overhead bars are necessary to do it on the table). Feel free to bring a massage therapist friend that has always been interested in Ashi and join us in class!

Expect to have plenty of time both to practice, and receive, as you work through these 3 days. Balance is an important component of Ashi Restore classes and therapists will need to work on gaining these skills before, during, and after this course. Therapists will learn different ways to maximize their own balance, utilizing balancing assisting props. The emphasis of this course will be on body mechanics, form, positioning, application, safety, contraindications, and certification.

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the modality and students can expect to leave with the knowledge of how to prompt clients in a variety of positions, utilize the massage techniques that enhance each position, find balance, and how to utilize this modality in a variety of settings. By the end of the 3 days students will be able to perform a complete 90-120 minute session for individual sessions, & 30-60 minute additions to current therapist offerings. This course has an emphasis of mat work but students will learn how to utilize this modality on the table with overhead bars as well.

This course is designed to cultivate creativity, versatility, and interest in student massage practices. This will be demonstrated, encouraged, and fostered during the class.

This Introduction to Ashi Restore Course covers the following:

  • Ashi Restore Positioning
  • Ashi Restore Massage Techniques
  • Session Sequencing
  • Benefits for Clients and Therapists
  • Table Set Up, Mat Set Up
  • Equipment & Supplies
  • Body Mechanics, Balancing Techniques for Each Set Up
  • Contraindications
  • Communication & Terminology
  • Ways to Use the Modality in Different Settings
  • Marketing Ashi Restore
  • Certification & More…

A non-refundable deposit of $325 is required to hold your spot. Once you complete the registration process a confirmation email will be sent to you. The remaining tuition balance will be due to your instructor two weeks prior to class. Upon completion of this course, you will receive 24 credit hours, which you can apply to your NCBTMB certification, AMTA or ABMP renewal. To become certified in Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy students are required to perform a practical on day three of class, complete an online quiz and submit 20 documented practice sessions. Once your deposit has been made, you will receive a video with some movement preparations. It is recommended that you start these immediately and practice until class.


Therapist Requirements

DeepFeet Courses are available to:

- Licensed Massage Therapists
- Massage students with 75% completion of schooling.
- Licensed Chiropractors, Physical Therapists & Acupuncturists

Physical Expectations: We ask that you are healthy and free of any contraindications that would prevent you from receiving Ashiatsu in class.

Conditions include:

- Pregnancy or trying to conceive
- Uncontrolled High blood pressure
- Recent injuries or surgeries
- Contagious skin disorders
- Compromised immune system
- Acute liver or kidney disorders
- Certain medications
- Acute autoimmune disorders
- Recent surgical implants
- Advanced Diabetes

Balance and obtaining foot coordination can be challenging in Ashi Restore classes. A successful learning environment depends on team participation and patience.

If you have any physical ailment or debility that may interfere with you or your classmates’ learning process, please contact us in advance. Our first priority is safety for all students and guest clients participating in our workshops. A private one-on-one class may be available if you require extra time or attention. Each student will give and receive two or more hours of Ashiatsu on the first two days of class. Although Ashiatsu is incredibly relaxing, it is also a deep compressive form of massage that is not appropriate for all conditions.

Supply List

Things to Bring for Ashi Restore & Aerial Classes:
• One flat and fitted sheet for Day 1 & 2 for yourself
• One flat and fitted sheet for Day 3 for client (Ashi Restore Basics)
• Yoga Mat for Aerial Atsu
• Easy movement clothing in layers
o Yoga clothes are perfect for this class
o Pants should be long with sock covering all areas of skin
o Layer your top to include a long-sleeved shirt/jacket
o Jacket should not have a hood
• Socks (4 clean pairs)
• Water
• Lunch, location has some food choices close

How to Prepare:
• Come as well rested a possible
• Prepare with the Ashi Restore Basics movement video


- DeepFeet adheres to a strict "no partial" CEU policy. Therapists must attend all hours of the course in order to receive 100% of the course credits and be eligible for certification and advanced courses. This includes arriving late or leaving early for class. Hours missed must be made up at the student's expense.

-Please arrive to class with clean, soft, pedicured feet. We ask that you shorten and file your toenails and make an extra effort to soften heels with a foot file or pumice stone.

- Allow plenty of time to travel to and from the workshop location.

- Our courses are very comprehensive and adhere to a strict class schedule. Please arrive on time or 10 minutes early to class.

- We ask that you refrain from texting or talking on your phone during class and be respectful and considerate of your fellow classmates.

- You will be giving and receiving Ashiatsu throughout the course and may end up lying face down for upwards of two hours. We ask that you are healthy and free of any conditions or recent injuries/surgeries that would contraindicate deep compressive massage techniques (including pregnancy)

- You will be asked to sign a code of ethics agreement and workshop liability disclaimer on day one of class.

- How can you prepare before class? Walking barefoot is great for waking up your sensory receptors located on the bottom of your feet. There are a number of ways to physically prepare for class. Any class where you work out barefoot is ideal. Our recommendations include Barre classes, Yoga, Pilates, and the Nia Technique. In addition, picking up marbles or small objects with your feet will help with dexterity and fine motor movements.

See our FAQs for additional information.