ashiatsu denver colorado

Cherry Creek Address
1580 S. Dahlia St.
Denver, CO 80222

Parker Address
21289 Woodside Ln
Parker CO 80138

Denver, Colorado

DeepFeet Bar Therapy Denver, Colorado Training Studio

Cherry Creek, CO  

The DeepFeet Cherry Creek training studio is conveniently centrally located in Denver and boasts a plethora of lodging and eateries.  You will find the founder Ruthie Hardee mainly teaching out of this location. There is a kitchen, living room and deck where you can enjoy lunch every day. It’s a very cozy environment in which to learn a very difficult modality. Come get barefoot in the mile high state where DeepFeet Bar Therapy originated 20 years ago!


Parker is known for it’s charming small town feel and inspiration in arts, culture and solitude in miles of open space and trails.  The spirit of the west that lives there is very much apart of every day life. This rare balance offers experiences that are unique even for Colorado, making Parker the idea getaway and place to learn Ashiatsu!  Our Parker training studio is located in a beautiful residential home ran and operated by Denver instructor Christy Bebout.

Studio Information

Cherry Creek address:
1580 S. Dahlia St.
Denver, CO 80222

Parker Address:
21289 Woodside Ln
Parker CO 80138

Helpful Hints: When using, a GPS for the Cherry Creek location be sure to put in “south” Dahlia and not pick the first Dahlia address that comes up. We have had students late to class because they went across town following GPS on their phone as Dahlia Street runs across the city of Denver.


Christy Bebout, Parker Location
Phone: (719) 240-7165

Ruthie Hardee, Cherry Creek Location
Phone: (720) 837-4570

We advise that you have plenty of travel time both into and out of the state your workshop will be held. Arriving the night before and staying in close proximity will help assure that you have plenty of commuting time. Punctuality is a must; you will only receive full credit hours on your transcript if you are on time each day. Please make your travel and hotel plans with this in mind.

Lodging Recommendations

Cherry Creek Lodging:

Marriott Fairfield Inn – Denver Cherry Creek: less than 1 mile from studio
1680 South Colorado Blvd. Denver, Colorado 80222

The Marriott Fairfield Inn is less than a 10-minute walk to the studio and offers a DeepFeet student discount. The discount code is“Barefoot Basics” and should be mentioned when booking the room. Contact Laura Brown for more info or questions:


Adorable Retro Pad ½ mile from training studio
(303)547-4899. Tonya Peters:

Parker Airbnb Lodging:

Supply List

  • Leggings, yoga pants, workout type clothing
  • Pens, highlighter or extra paper for notes
  • Lunch, bottled water, lots of snacks
  • Oil, deep tissue massage cream
  • Slippers, Flip Flops, Foot File

Linen List for Barefoot Basics

  • Two fitted sheets, Two flat, Two face covers
  • Three hand towels
  • Table warmer (optional)
  • King size pillowcase
  • Linen rental available $15 per day