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teaching ashiatsu

Competition in business is a good thing. In our Western, commerce-oriented society, buyer demand is key for suppliers to have something to provide; to have a reason for being in business in the first place. Yet for any business to succeed, they need to keep their customers happy, and continue to provide a stellar product or service.

There has been an unfortunate trend across many industries, of businesses publicly touting a negative outlook towards their competition. It seems the perceived buffer of anonymity from social media, where people often express negative, hurtful statements (which they would not normally say in person), has overflowed into the world of business. When another business focuses on pointing out things they don’t like, or approve of, from a competitor, they not only hurt themselves, but their industry as well.

At DeepFeet Bar Therapy, you will not find us bad-mouthing our competition, much less pointing out why they are not as good at what they do compared to us. Rather, you will discover from us, what makes our approach to barefoot massage a positive and beneficial technique, which can help you and your clients directly. This is our focus, not what our competitors are doing.


benefits ashiatsu
Our style and options provided in teaching Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage may not work for everyone; just as this type of therapy itself is not for every person. This is a natural part of life, for we are too many individuals in the great world, for us all to fit into a single mold. If we were to remain as we were when we began teaching this amazing massage technique, we wouldn’t still be here today. By recognizing that different people learn in different ways, we recognized the need to provide different options. Through knowing where we want to go as a school, our company as a whole has grown in leaps and bounds this last year. We have opened additional teaching locations, brought on some new talented instructors and revamped our curriculum programs as well.


We may have started the revolution of barefoot massage, but we didn’t stop there. We have continued to grow in the industry through embracing new technologies and ever-changing techniques in the world of massage. With today’s technology connecting people directly through live video sessions, a new way to experience one-on-one teaching is now readily available world-wide. At DeepFeet Bar Therapy, we see this as an amazing boon to the possibilities of how we can teach our proven massage techniques to a wider client base of body workers and healthcare practitioners.
Ashiatsu Training


In order to provide an integrated e-Learning atmosphere, we need to continue to rely on our integrity. With our newly-formed online education Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage, you will receive the same level of dedication, honesty and professionalism from our highly-trained instructors, as those who attend in-person workshops. The advent of the internet will not lessen how we conduct business, but rather, enhance it.


If you are intrigued to learn more about Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage, we encourage you to research reputable and ethical providers that conduct business with integrity. We hope of course, that you will feel a deep connection with what we offer and how we conduct business overall, with integrity and compassion. At DeepFeet Bar Therapy, we aim to foster a network of bodyworkers around the globe that share the same love and passion we have for barefoot massage. By supporting each other in a positive and productive manner we will create a stronger sense of community, resulting in a happier and healthier relationships with our clients and peers.