Our 21st Century world is vastly different from the days when Ruthie Hardee first began her innovative massage training program, DeepFeet Bar Therapy through the Ashiatsu Institute. With the advent of the internet and ongoing improvements in digital communications, therapists around the world now have easier access to this incredible, diverse training program. Keeping the high-quality standards for which DeepFeet Bar Therapy has been known to hold, our eLearning program offers flexibility beyond the physical work out which Certified Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapists already enjoy.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Access to DeepFeet Bar Therapy training is available world-wide. Through our eLearning program therapists can learn our unique healing therapy no matter where they live.
    Flexibility is key. Through eLearning, therapists can watch video workshops, read class material and take our online tests when it best suits their schedule.
  • Greater cost-savings. With our eLearning program, therapists can save money in travel expenses, and start earning their investment dollars more quickly; with eLearning, you can begin to put your lessons into actual practice more quickly.
  • Consistent protocols and procedures are still applied with our eLearning program, there is no skimping on the quality of your education. This includes all digital learning material and tests, as well as comprehensive practice sessions. One-on-one Skype video sessions with our highly trained instructors allow for more personal teaching insights and practical advice as you learn.
    Instant feedback and results are available when taking online quizzes, a timely benefit which can lead to better learning.
  • Increased retention can be achieved with our eLearning program. By providing a variety of teaching techniques, therapists get the opportunity to review content as many times as they wish. In addition, going through the certification process and working with a virtual instructor will produce even better results. Better retention results in better practices and happier clients.


Gone are the days of being required to attend classes in person. With our 21st Century lifestyles, online learning has opened the door of education to more people who would otherwise be unable to travel to learn from the best instructors. DeepFeet Bar Therapy seeks to help therapists work smarter, not harder. By embracing an online environment through eLearning, we can empower therapists to become flourishing, dynamic barefoot massage practitioners, and help clients towards healing across the globe.