In our previous blog, we spoke of using integrity when teaching massage, a basic core value we hold to strongly at DeepFeet Bar Therapy. Integrity in conducting business should also carry over into your own practice. We hold the clientcentric concept in high regard, and encourage massage therapists to do the same.

Our goal, from the beginning days, when Ruthie Piper Hardee established the first Western form of Barefoot Massage techniques, has been to help healthcare body workers improve and extend their careers while providing long-term, beneficial massage techniques for clients.

Integrity within business practices is another key concept to embrace for success. If you can’t stand behind your service, it will only be a matter of time before your clients, and their word of mouth, will negatively impact your bottom line. This includes how you interact with your own competitors and peers; integrity goes beyond providing quality goods and services.





Get personal testimonials: from your own clients to use in your marketing and on your website. Direct quotes from happy clientele provides a great way for new and potential clients to understand how you interact with and treat your customers. A testimonial is like a picture, it’ s worth a thousand words.

Set yourself apart: Offer a unique service or program which differs you from your competition. This will attract a specific clientele who are seeking new, alternative approaches to massage and wellness. Avoid comparing your self to others, doing so imparts a negative feeling towards you, your business and the industry itself. Instead, focus on what you bring to the table and what benefits your clients will receive from being a customer.

Take the higher road: Be aware of your social media presence, and never talk negative about clients or your competition. This can only hurt you and your company, especially in today’s digital world where once something is on the internet, it stays there. By taking the high road, you can preserve and even boost your brand’s reputation. This can be a challenge, but it is always worth it in the end, as people will respond in kind to how you react and interact with others

Be a team player: Collaborate and network with your peers, competitors and other health care providers. Being apart of a like minded group of professionals will help you grow in your practice and also create a supportive community for both you and your clientele.

Take feedback as a gift: A bad yelp review can be detrimental to your business or it can be a chance to prove yourself and your integrity. Choose an ethical, diplomatic course of action when responding to negative reviews. Always thank your clients for the feedback, listen to their concerns and find solutions to remedy the situation. Instead of concentrating on what someone else has said about your practice, focus on showing clients what makes your business a good choice among many.

Final thought: In a time where there is so much turmoil in our world, we should all come together and create more community within in our families, friendships and businesses. Through our approach of embracing integrity and focusing on the benefits we provide our clients, we aim to foster a positive community of bodyworkers who truly feel connected and confident to make lasting changes in their own lives as well as others. Focus on progression not on perfection and believe in your own awesomeness!