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Deepfeet Portable Bars

This system is universal and can attach to any wooden portable massage table and can be used as a permanent system in your practice or for events where you can work outdoors. We recommend the Earthlite 32″35″ Spirit. We can sell you a package deal that includes the tables and portable bar set. Please email us for a quote.

Through the natural progression of hands on clinical use and technology, our file patent has evolved into a more sophisticated apparatus than prior utility designs. In short the prototype just keeps getting stronger and better with each new year of production and we love sharing the news with everyone.

We are proud that our fascinating design is ergonomically sound and sustainable. It is surprisingly more rigid than ever before. Made from 100% sustainable bamboo which provides just the right attributes for Ashiatsu.
It’s hard to believe that the handrails you touch as “round bars” start out in flat sheets of bamboo wood then milled, molded and shaped into a round perfection diameter fit. There are multitudes of counter sunk parts and layers of complex geometry that are milled into each piece. Over 40 parts are cut, molded, shaped and glued into the geometrics that go into just (1) set of these amazing portable bars.

Assembled Dimensions 91″ tall, 83″ Length, 47″ Width.


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deepfeet portable bars

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At Deepfeet, we believe in superb Customer Service and appreciate the virtues of actually talking on the phone. If there is anything we can do to educate you further on our remarkable product, please let us know by filling out the form below. You can also reach out to us at 503-715-7929. We’re here to help you!

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