Ashi-Thai is a westernized Thai Yoga massage training that has been modified to use with barefoot Massage Techniques and bars on the ceiling for the therapists balance, support & leverage. This flowing & rhythmic approach to Table Thai massage teaches ways to passively stretch your client through methods of muscle lengthening, fascial release & advanced yoga like movements for the both of you.

With the help of gravity & leverage from your entire body, you will be able to adapt a comprehensive 90 minute full body Facilitated Stretching routine focusing on commonly restricted muscle groups & fascia planes that your clients of all shapes, sizes & ranges of flexibility will love. As a compliment to any Ashiatsu or massage session, & especially as a stand-alone treatment, Ashi-Thai is an adaptation of dynamic Traditional Thai Massage postures to tangle your client into a stretch with effortless transitions; all while holding onto a bar for stability, support & balance. Save your hands from wear and strain, & use your feet for deep compressions.

No Thai Massage experience needed prior to this class – although some of our instructors may require you to attend Barefoot Basics prior to attending Ashi-Thai, so that you have the fundamentals of our body mechanics and principals under your feet. This class offers a wonderful addition to your existing massage & Ashiatsu repertoires. You will feel every compression & every stretch from the instructor during training so that you know what Ashi-Thai should feel like.

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