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    Ashi-Thai Quiz

    Is the contact information above different from when you took your class?

    Which of the following is NOT a benefit of Ashi-Thai?
    Decreases in StressRelieve low back painIncreased range of motionHelps recover from hip replacement

    With regards to contraindications and Ashi-Thai compression, which is most likely to result in bruising?
    HypoglycemiaPersons on CoumodinFrozen ShoulderPregnancy

    How long after breast augmentation (implants) is it safe to do Ashi-Thai compressions and stretches?

    Ashi-Thai: (Choose the most accurate description)
    A modality using a combination of compressive techniques and passive stretches expressive of traditional Thai using over head bars to avoid bending and lifting.A treatment performed on a floor mat where stretching technique are applied.A traditional Japanese Ashiatsu foot treatment.

    Describe three different ways of Ashi-walking?

    Name three differences between Ashi-Thai and traditional Thai:

    True or False - Ashi-Thai was developed because it could be performed easily on a floor mat or futon.

    List 4 Guidelines from your manual that are used for delivering a perfect Ash-Thai session.

    Give one reason why the term blood stop is controversial?

    Which of these is a word for “energy”?
    PranaKiChiAll of these

    List five benefits of receiving Ashi-Thai:

    List seven contraindications and which one you think is the most important and why?

    List 10 practice sessions including client’s name and date. List 2 email addresses from the 10

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