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    How many sessions did you utilize the Aeria Atsu skills prior to sending in your certification quiz? (10-20 is recommended)

    Aerial Atsu Certification

    Name 2 contraindications for Aerial Atsu:

    How can you accommodate clients that have motion sickness issues in Aerial Atsu treatments?

    Name 3 benefits for clients:

    On the pain scale, what range do we want to stay within?

    Choose an aerial position and narrate how you would tell the client to get into that position.

    After a client gets into a position, what is the timeframe you can increase the stretch?

    List out a sequence you have designed with the name and explanations for your reasoning.

    Why is it important to not reposition your client?

    What reasons would prompt you to move a client to a Ashi Restore basics floor position versus an Aerial position?

    Please make sure you log in the client’s name and date after each practice session. Their names will remain confidential. Send in the test, video, the log sheet and your client evaluations along with your check or money order. We may contact your clients to verify your session. Please make sure they put their email on the eval form. It will not be used to solicit business, nor will we ever sell the email address.