Newsletters are a great way to stay connected with your clientele and also keep them in the loop with new offerings, promotions and tips that help them live healthier balanced life styles. Following are helpful tips on creating a Successful Newsletter.

Use a template & service: There are many newsletter service providers that offer a plethora of free templates to design your newsletter in. The two most popular sites to use are Mailchip and Constant Contact. If you upload over 100 contacts you may need to pay a monthly service to use their program. In the end it’s well worth it

Keep your content short and engaging: Use clean professional photography and keep your word count to under 500. The most common mistake business owners tend to make is making newsletters to long and end up loosing their customers interest. Break up your newsletter into chunks and make each section short and to the point. Always use a call to action button on each section where customers can learn more, book a session or take advantage of an offer

Intrigue your clients. Offer your clients free tips that will help them live a healthier lifestyle: This can include a healthy food or smoothie recipe, a helpful stretch, fun DYI projects like making a flax seed pillow or bath bomb. Provide any tip or recipe that is unique and helpful that may also entice your clients to share among their friends and family

Create Consistency : Have a layout and a schedule that you follow. This will give your customers something to look forward to in each Newsletter and also create constituency in your brand, mission and offerings. Examples of Topics to use : What’s New, Employee Highlight, Recipe of the month, Stretch of the Month, Product of the Month, Seasonal DYI Projects, Client Testimonials, Survey or Questionnaire, Company Success Stories & Blog Recap’

Offer a promotion and use the title in your subject line: Consumers are inundated with hundreds of emails a day. Most people trash anything that does’nt appeal to them or give them some financial gain or savings. If a consumer does open your
email they typically spend less than 30 seconds reading content and are looking for whats’ in it for them. Offer your readers an
incentive to open your newsletter and read the entire page. Place your promotion in the middle or at the end of your newsletter so they are forced to scroll through your Newsletter and are inspired to read your content..

Use impactful Visuals: The old saying a picture is worth a thousand words hold true especially when designing a newsletter. As mentioned in the previous tip, you have a very small window to grasp your consumers attention and get your point across. Try not to just use just static images, but also incorporate video clips, graphics and memes. When using photography make sure to use various Ashiatsu poses so you are telling the whole story.

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