Christina Guerrero
Sacramento (Roseville), California
Phone: (925) 260-8699

I have been practicing Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy for over 10 years now. This amazing modality has been career saving for me as a full time therapist of 13 years. With this modality I have even worked through my 8 month of pregnancy with ease! I love sharing this smarter way of working, it's truly a blessing to teach Ruthie Hardees work to other CMT's.

I'd like to welcome you to train in Northern California. My training center is located just outside of historical Sacramento, in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills. I also hold seminars on the beautiful Island of Oahu several times a year.


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We are sorry for the inconvenience of not having class dates posted. We are relocating our training studio in the area and will be under construction. Please check back around August 25th to see the remainder of our 2014 class schedule listed for Sacramento. You can call the instructor direct for upcoming classes offered in Hawaii or to find out logistics of taking this course in California.




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