Red Braat, Instructor in Training

I had just graduated from massage school here in the Seattle area, and was in the second week of my first job. A client came in asking for a deep, deep tissue massage. I started massaging her and twenty minutes into the 90-minute session, she stopped me and told me about Ashiatsu, saying "I'm used to really deep work. I'm used to therapists who use their feet.” I had never heard about Ashiatsu in massage school, but less than a month later I was in Portland, Oregon, taking Barefoot Basics. That was over 6 years ago, and I now have not hundreds, but thousands of hours of massaging clients with my feet. Every time a client comes through the door that wants deep, deep pressure or has hip problems, I am so thankful that I know Ashiatsu I am so thankful that I know Ashiatsu and look forward to teaching you this career changing modality!

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