Grad of the Month

Danielle Price, LMT

Sarasota, FL, USA

How has practicing Ashiatsu impacted your career?

Practicing Ashiatsu has inspired me to be more creative and comfortable while performing massage. Assisted by gravity, my contact with the client is more relaxed and graceful. Compared to regular massage, which can feel like working on a body, barefoot massage feels like flowing with a body. There's nothing quite like a client telling you that the massage exceeded their expectations! As a business owner, I'm excited about the growth we're seeing as more people discover and demand Ashiatsu. All this contributes to mental and physical wellbeing and a sustainable, rewarding career.

What advice can you give to new graduates?

To new graduates, I suggest that you find opportunities for public demonstrations: farmer's markets, networking events, even offices. If you don't have portable bars yet, you can set up your table at the wall and do the seated routine, which is effective over clothing. Arrange for someone to take some well composed photos and videos (with permission from your client). Ideally, one event will yield immediate and prolonged benefits: compensation for a day's work and expenses; clients who book a full massage at your office; photos for your business cards and website; videos to share on social media. Demos are great for promotion, and you may find that they're profitable to do on a regular basis.

What is your favorite stroke?

My favorite stroke on the upper body is tractioning the neck while pressing into the traps. And for the lower body, it's standing with each foot placed alongside the sacrum and holding steady pressure while the client relaxes. (Can someone do that for me right now?!

What’s the best or funniest feedback you’ve ever gotten from a client after Ashiatsu?

Probably the most common, funny question that people ask is if I'm using my hands or my feet (the answer is always my feet). A unique suggestion that made me laugh was from one of my regulars... he's getting used to the pressure, and he asked if I'd ever put on a weight vest to get deeper. Actually, it's a really practical idea, and I'd totally try it!

Who was your instructor and what "light bulb" moment did you have in class while learning?

I live only one hour from my instructor, Pilar Hook, in south Florida. When I took Ashi-Thai with her last year, the move that blew my mind was "Flying Psoas"-- you sweep the client's leg up and back in an oblique plane. Using your long, strong limbs-- that is, your legs-- and assistance from the bars, you can safely explore the client's range of motion in functional movements. There's so much potential to help people open up and release tension.

Why this graduate was chosen for DeepFeet Grad of the Month:

Danielle's passion for Ashiatsu goes beyond sharing the benefits with just her clients. Danielle has participated in many DeepFeet conventions and public speaking events where she spreads her barefoot knowledge and deepens the Ashiastu Community . She also has shown gratitude and compassion towards her DeepFeet Instructor who is fighting cancer by starting a campaign to donate all of her massage tips towards medical bills. Thank you Danielle for going above and beyond and for sharing your passion and love of Ashiatsu with others..