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Grad of the Month

Terri Higgins, LMT

St. Petersburg, Florida, United States

Who was your DeepFeet Instructor and where did you train?

I took my first training, Barefoot Basics, in Saint Petersburg, Florida with Mary Claire Fredette and Pilar Hook in 2010. I then took Anterior/Sidelying & Ashi-Thai a few months later with Pilar, also in Saint Petersburg. Shortly after that I went to Hawaii for the Advanced Two Footed Ashiatsu with Christina Guerrero.

Have you studied any other forms of barefoot massage?

I completed all 4 levels with DeepFeet and loved Barefoot so much, I then completed Fijian and Chavutti after that. I am extremely excited to be taking Extended Seated and Bridge with Brenda Blakesley the last week in a June, 2017!!!

How has practicing Ashiatsu impacted your career?

Ashiatsu was the BEST thing I could have done for myself! I have low back issues and my right wrist has been broken four times, so, my massage career would have ended along time ago. Not only has Ashi made me be able to have correct body mechanics, it is also a great workout everyday! Besides the physical aspects, being an Ashi therapist has put me (as well as the rest of us), in a league of our own! It is far better than a traditional massage and once a client has tried it, they Never go back! I personally know that the training I have received, and that I am continuing is far superior than most modalities. We are a unique group with an amazing niche and I am so proud to be one of them!

What advice can you give to new graduates?

Take Every class, practice and continue with it, as we are so fortunate to have great people to work with, in our trainings with never ending knowledge ahead of us!

What is your favorite DeepFeet stroke and why?

I seriously love incorporating all of the strokes into each session, from Ashi-Thai to Sidelying. My clients are always in awe of having every sessions different with so many moves that they can literally be on my table for 3 hours without ever doing the same thing twice!