Linda Cole Ashiatsu

Grad of the Month

Linda Cole, LMT

McKinney, TX, United States

How has practicing Ashiatsu impacted your career?

It changed & added so much value to my practice. It feels great to be able to provide plenty of pressure almost effortlessly. Ashi was the single most important design element of my new in home studio. Offering Ashiatsu at my new Studio has allowed me to differentiate my work from others in my area. I absolute love it.

What advice can you give to new graduates?

Continue to receive Ashi from other therapists. It not only benefits our own health, but it helps us refine our techniques. Practice, practice, & practice some more. Learn how to market yourself. Literally, put yourself out there. Let people know who you are & what you do. Ashiatsu alone stands out for being such an unique technique, so it is already half way there. Don’t ever get stagnated, keep learning. It will enhance your career & your life.

What is your favorite stroke?

Occipital Pull, because it feels amazing. I like the simultaneous traction & pull. Because of this stroke, I had to rearrange my whole studio while building it, so I could have a wall behind me. I also think it is funny because some clients get confused & have no idea how I am performing it. I have been called, octopus, ninja & gymnast because of this stroke. Definitely my favorite, hands down.

What’s the best or funniest feedback you’ve ever gotten from a client after Ashiatsu?

No sure if it was a real feedback, but it was definitely a funny event. While massaging my client’s hand (client was prone), she grabbed my foot to double check if it was my foot & not my hand. She couldn’t tell the difference between my hands & feet. We still laugh about it.