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Anterior/Side Lying

1 day - 8 CE - $225 

Pre-requisite: Certified in Barefoot Basics

This class is best for graduates that took Barefoot Basics who only learned posterior barefoot strokes. Taking this comprehensive one day course will add many more barefoot strokes to your ashiatsu tool bag. The anterior portion covers more in-depth knowledge of anterior muscles and its relationship to veins and superficial arteries which play an important role in controlling depth of compression. Specifically incorporated into the anterior neck protocol, clients will receive the anterior massage in an ethical manner. You will learn compressive and static barefoot massage strokes on the anterior legs, arms, pecs and neck.

The side-lying portion of this workshop is geared towards those clients who are seen on a regular basis and can work as a team with the therapist to locate the source of pain patterns and to treat them. It can be used in conjunction with sports massage or added into therapeutic session that involves a whole body approach. Therapists will learn myofascial foot skills to spread and elongate muscle tissue and explore trigger point work done with the feet.

Client assistance during the application is involved with multi-positioning to locate anterior, lateral, medial and sagittal muscles in relationship to surrounding structures and landmarks.

Upon completion and practice, students will gain enough confidence and  knowledge to perform up to a 2 hour Ashiatsu including posterior, anterior and side lying barefoot massage techniques.


What To Bring

- 1 sets of massage linens
- 3 hand towels
- King Pillow Case
- Table warmer (optional)
- Blanket (optional)
- Cream and Oil
- Pen & Paper
- Flip flops that can be sanitized
- Foot File
- Snacks, Water, Lunch


- Please arrive to class with clean, soft, pedicured feet. We ask that you shorten and file your toenails and make an extra effort to soften heels with a foot file or pumice stone.

- Allow plenty of time to travel to and from the workshop location.

- Our courses are very comprehensive and adhere to a strict class schedule. Please arrive on time or 10 minutes early to class.

- We ask that you refrain from texting or talking on your phone during class and be respectful and considerate of your fellow classmates.

- You will be giving and receiving Ashiatsu through out the course and may end up lying face down for upwards of two hours. We ask that you are healthy and free of any conditions or recent injuries/surgeries that would contraindicate deep compressive massage techniques (including pregnancy)

- You will be asked two sign a code of ethics agreement and workshop liability disclaimer on day one of class.

- How can you prepare before class? Walking barefoot is great for waking up your sensory receptors located on the bottom of your feet. There are a number of ways to physically prepare for class. Any class where you work out barefoot is ideal. Our recommendations include Barre classes, Yoga, Pilates and the Nia technique. In addition, picking up marbles or small objects with you feet will help with dexterity and fine motor movements.

See our FAQs for additional information.

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