Barefoot Basics

Barefoot Basics ©
Introductory - 3 days - 25 CE Hours -
Pre-requisite: Therapist understands anatomy and physiology.
Class times: 9:00-6:00 w/hour for lunch

This is where it all starts for everyone ...the basics. This 3 day introductory course is designed to teach massage professionals how to administer the ultimate barefoot effleurage application. Our work may look easy through editorials and photos but in reality, it takes strength, balance and coordination to deliver this barefoot application with flow and grace. We have some fitness levels /weight guidelines associated with taking the Barefoot Basics class. Our certified instructors are happy to discuss through photos and verbal descriptions of the upper arm and core strength you should have to participate & deliver a comfortable session to your receiving partner. We ask that you contact the instructor that is closest to your area prior to registration to discuss what is expected of you.

The parallel bars suspended from the ceiling are used for balance, control and leverage. The Barefoot Basics Certification program is (3 days) from 9:00 am. to 6:00 pm. You do not have to take advance classes to deliver a one hour luxurious deep tissue massage.


The outline for Barefoot Basic is theory and lecture focusing on history of barefoot massage, cautions, contraindications, safe body mechanics for the therapist and receiving partner, proper draping, construction and design of bars in the treatment room, marketing the technique to your clients and foot hygiene. It is a full and rich program to say the least!

During your study with us, you will feel every single stroke from your instructor. You will have an opportunity to work on the instructor as well. On the final day, we provide a public clinic/practical for the ultimate in learning retention. Making sure you are safely up and operational before you leave the workshop; has been our acclaimed reputation for years. We set the standards when it comes to barefoot bar work and we deliver the most organized and supervised hands-on seminar in the industry. Massage therapists come in all shapes and sizes. Our teaching methodologies are designed to work with each practitioner’s skill level, physical characteristics and learning style.

Barefoot Basics Course Outline:

1. Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy® theory and the major body systems.
2. Repetitive use hand techniques in relationship to barefoot Swedish techniques.
3. Contraindications of deep compression massage.
4. Installation and materials for designing and constructing your bars in any situation.
5. History overview of barefoot massage techniques and the countries they are indigenous to.
6. Draping style and proper bolstering for clients.
7. Self care for barefoot practitioner in regards to body mechanics using gravitational force.
8. Personal foot hygiene and appropriate table etiquette for therapist and client.